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Now You Know (Source)

Crows are scary

  • use tools
  • Can be taught to speak (like parrots)
  • Have huge brains for birds
  • like seriously their brain-to-body size ratio is equal to that of a chimpanzee
  • They vocalize anger, sadness, or happiness in response to things
  • they are scary smart at solving puzzles
  • some ravens stay with their mates until one of them dies
  • they can remember faces
  • SIDENOTE HERE BECAUSE HOLY SHIT.  They did an experiment where these guys wore masks and some of them fucked with crows.  Pretty soon the crows recognized the masks = douchebag.  But the nice guys with masks they left alone.  THEN, OH WE’RE NOT DONE, NO SIR crows that WEREN’T EVEN IN THE EXPERIMENT AND NEVER SAW THE MASK BEFORE knew about mask-dudes and attacked them on sight.  THEY PASSED ON THE FUCKING INFORMATION TO THEIR CROW BUDDIES.
  • They remember places where crows were killed by farmers and change their migration patterns.

Guys I’m really scared of crows now.

Yeah but have you seen this 



Set in woody grounds in Lancashire, the now-decaying Whittingham Asylum was at one stage the largest in Britain. Built in 1869 from the designs of Henry Littler, by 1939 its main building and annexes housed 3533 patients and 548 staff. In 1968 the Hospital Management Committee announced an inquiry into allegations of corruption and abuse, which led to the early retirement of both the Head Male Nurse and the Matron. Two male nurses were convicted of theft and in a separate incident another nurse was jailed formanslaughter after an elderly patient he had assaulted later died. The asylum was abandoned and left to decay in 1995.

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